Jonny Sumo Technical Stuff
Jonny plays a vintage REMO Drum kit.
She is called
“Big Bertha”. She is around 23 years old and is grey in colour.

All original REMO drums!!
22” x 16” bass drums (two)
12” x 11” Rack tom
13” x 12” Rack tom
16” x 16” Floor tom
18” x 16” Floor tom
14” x 6.5” Snare

Pedals by Remo, other hardware by Mapex.

Sabian cymbals
20” Sabian medium ride xs20
18” Sabian Medium crash xs20
16” Sabian Medium crash xs20
18” Sabian Medium china xs20
14” Sabian hihats xs20
17” Sabian medium crash B8

All heads by REMO!
Drumming Gloves by Wilson Golf!!

Jonny currently uses Vic Firth Ralph Hardiman Corpsmaster sticks
The Kit